About our Company

From the floor to the ceiling & everything in between, we'll make your place sparkling clean!

A Word from our President

Hello there! My name is Angela & I'm the president & owner of Blue Bucket Cleaning Company. I was born & raised in Omaha & have lived here my whole life. I am happy to call this wonderful city my home! I have always worked a lot, usually two & sometimes three jobs at a time! (I guess you could say I don't like to be bored!) I graduated from UNO a few years back with my BA in Psychology. After working a couple of office jobs out of college, I've realized I'm just not wired that way. I've never had one specific career I've aspired to, instead the only consistency in my dreams growing up was to own my own business. So, after those few failed career attempts I decided to take matters into my own hands. All I do in my spare time is clean, it's my stress relief & something I enjoy doing. Many people do not feel the same way, so it seemed like a logical business for me to get into - a win-win for all! Blue Bucket Cleaning Company has allowed me to combine my passion for cleaning with my dream of owning my own business & now i'm here to serve you!

Our Clients: The Most Important Aspect of our Company

Blue Bucket Cleaning Company would not be anywhere without our clients (you!), so that makes them the most important aspect of our company & we want them to know that! We strive to treat our customers with the utmost respect & aim to accommodate all of their needs & requests. Here, we understand it takes trust to allow others into your home or business & we take that responsibility very seriously. It is very important to us that our clients are happy & satisfied at the end of every job. If ever a client feels we missed something or they are unsatisfied in any way we urge them to contact us - we are always happy to make it right!

Still Growing

Blue Bucket Cleaning Company was officially established on October 1st, 2015. We are still a young company & are happy & eager to keep growing! We are so passionate about what we do & want the reputation of being a friendly, happy cleaning company that enjoys their work, & that motivates us to be our very best every day! We treat each job like we have something to prove - because we do! Many other businesses offer their cleaning services in the Omaha area & we're aware of that - we want to prove to our clients that we're different from those other companies & we're better. We want your experience with our company to be positive & rewarding. Our number one goal as a company is to leave every customer happy & we can only continue to grow if we continue to do so!

Why Us?

Everyone that works at Blue Bucket Cleaning Company has been extensively trained as a professional cleaner. We know what we're doing. But what really sets us apart is our attitude. Our president started this company because cleaning is something she enjoys, & she will only hire employees who feel the same way. We are happy to be doing what we do & that comes across in our work. We don't treat jobs as "in & out & on to the next one" like so many other companies do. We take our time & make sure everything is done & done right. We take clients' requests seriously - after all, they're paying us to do a service & we only feel it's right to make sure that service gets done the way they want. Our reputation as a happy, friendly, hardworking business is important to us & that keeps us motivated!